• Publication date: February 17, 2010

Dedication Dedication

Henry Roth is a bitter, obsessive and anti-social author of children’s books, who ...

Henry Roth is a bitter, obsessive and anti-social author of children’s books, who hates children. Henry didn’t exactly choose his career but was coaxed in to it by his writing partner Rudy. Rudy is Roth’s only friend, who unfortunately passes away after the pair write the highly successful “Marty, the Beaver” series of books. Henry’s boss and publisher, Arthur Planck, has contracted the writer to complete another title about the beaver, just in time for the Christmas shopping season. Sensing that Henry is going to miss the deadline, Arthur assigns him an assistant illustrator, Lucy Reily. Lucy is at odds with her eccentric mother who, like a landlord, gives her daughter a sort of eviction notice. The new job arrives at a perfect time in the young girl’s life, providing her with some much-needed cash. Work begins and Lucy meets her partner for the very first time. From the start Henry lays down a strict, authoritarian set of rules regarding nearly every facet of life. Lucy is not so bothered by that, but daily work is tedious as Henry goes out of his way to insult her. Throughout all of this Henry has not let go of Rudy’s memory, and he continues to consult an imaginary version of his former collaborator for months. As one might expect, however, Lucy and Henry begin forming a bond that transcends writing, despite their initial hatred of each other. This is problematic for Lucy, whose former boyfriend attempts to renew their once successful relationship. Caught between two men, homelessness and an approaching deadline will Lucy make a decision she will later regret? Is it possible that the once cynical and rude Henry will transform into a kind and compassionate man? “Dedication” is rated R for language and some sexual content.