• Publication date: June 6, 2011

De Taali De Taali

Paglu, Abhi and Amrita 'Amu' are three best friends since childhood. Abhi's father ...

Paglu, Abhi and Amrita 'Amu' are three best friends since childhood. Abhi's father is a very rich businessman and his only son Abhi has no interest in work. During the past Abhi has had many girlfriends but none of them loved him. Paglu and Abhi's father tells Amu to marry Abhi because they know each other very well. One day Abhi comes and tells Amu that he loves someone that is his childhood friend, Amu thinks that she is the girl that Abhi loves and she too falls in love with him. Abhi later reveals that a girl named Kartika is whom he loves. But Karthika is actually after his money. Amu is heartbroken. Amu and Paglu start hating her and try to get them both separated, Abhi gets angry with them and decides to marry her in some other country. At the airport Amu hits Kartika and she falls unconscious. Amu and Paglu kidnap Kartika and force her to write a letter to Abhi saying that she doesn't love him. Paglu tells Abhi that Amu is the right girl for her, and Abhi falls in love with her. Paglu, with Karthika still kidnapped, finds out that her name is Anjali, not Karthika. She is not in love with Abhi but with his money because she has a history of cheating people. Paglu frees her and she goes and tells Abhi about the kidnapping. Abhi is unhappy hearing this and decides to marry Karthika anyway. On the marriage day, Paglu still tries to stop them from getting them married by bringing all the people she cheated; instead, Abhi gets angry and tells Paglu and Amu to get out. The next day, Abhi comes back, apologizes to them and tells him that he isn't married. He tells them that yesterday when they left Anjali told him that she has learned a lot from the time Paglu and Amu kept her in captivity and apologizes that she can't marry him and that Amu is the right girl for him. Abhi proposes to Amu. Later, Paglu ends up with the changed Anjali