• Publication date: November 24, 2010

Dark Matter Dark Matter

Liu Xing (Liu Ye) is the son of an impoverished Chinese family, whose ...

Liu Xing (Liu Ye) is the son of an impoverished Chinese family, whose genius in cosmology lands him a scholarship at Valley State University. There he will have the chance of a lifetime, studying alongside his hero and fellow cosmologist Professor Jacob Reiser (Aidan Quinn). Xing's good luck continues after arriving in America when he meets Joanna Silver (Meryl Streep), an enthusiast of Chinese culture who quickly adopts the foreign student. Initially Reiser is ecstatic to work with Liu, who joins the professor's elite team of researchers that includes childhood rival Feng Gang (Lloyd Suh). Tensions rise however when Xing deviates from Reiser's ideas regarding the universe's creation, championing his dark matter model instead. The graduate student's insistence upon pursuing his beliefs causes Reiser to eject Xing from the research group. To make things worse, the professor appoints Gang to be his lab assistant -- a position once held by Liu. Being booted from the research team was not all bad though; it gave Liu time to perfect his dissertation and even publish a highly praised article in an academic journal. Unfortunately the professor, a member of Xing's defense committee, is envious of his former student's newfound fame. More specifically, Liu's newly accepted explanations of creation have overshadowed and nullified Reiser's own. Reiser is determined to sabotage the grad student's chances of successfully defending his dissertation, pushing Xing closer to the edge of an emotional breakdown. Dark Matter was awarded the Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, honoring its contribution to scientific cinema. Rating: Rated R for a scene of violence, brief sexual content and explicit language