• Publication date: March 6, 2012

Cross My Heart

A man with no job and a woman with a child go out on a date but both are too afraid to tell the truth.

  • Publication date: March 6, 2012

Cross My Heart

Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 1987

MBC Max:

November 30, 2015 05:30 (KSA) ~ November 30, 2015 04:30 (CLT)

David and Kathy have gone out a few times before, but they both think that this is the date that will put both of them over the top, convinced that they have finally found the right person.

They both prepare anxiously for the date. But there is trouble on the horizon.

Before heading out on the date, David discovers that instead of getting a promotion, he has been fired.

Afraid that Kathy will think that he is loser, he doesn't tell her. But Kathy hasn't been entirely truthful to David either and has not told him she has a daughter.


  • Martin Short
  • Annette O'Toole
  • Paul Reiser

Directed by:Armyan Bernstein