• Publication date: May 12, 2012

City of Hope

A city pulses with racial problems, political corruption, and small-time crime in this ambitious microcosm of urban life.

  • Publication date: May 12, 2012

City of Hope

Program data

Duration: 125

Production Year: 1991

MBC Max:

May 19, 2012 02:25 (KSA) ~ May 19, 2012 01:25 (CLT)

Nick Rinaldi is a lost soul usually high on drink and drugs and has spent his life in one New Jersey, getting free rides from his connected father and hearing the locals talk of his brother's death in Vietnam.

Searching for more control, Nick quits the cushy contractor's job provided by his Dad, feeling that major events are about to happen to him.

That feeling proves accurate –and before he knows it Nick’s life is about to change, but not before he faces his demons.

But Nick is not the only one with issues and the city’s citizens have their fair share of dilemmas.


  • Vincent Spano
  • Stephen Mendillo
  • Chris Cooper
  • Tony Lo Bianco
  • Joe Morton

Directed by: John Sayles

Rating: R for strong language and a scene of sensuality