• Publication date: May 6, 2012

Christmas Is Here Again

A young orphan and her loyal group of friends band together in order to prevent Christmas from being destroyed by a nefarious grinch named Krad.

Program data

Duration: 75

Production Year: 2007

MBC Max:

June 14, 2014 05:45 (KSA) ~ June 14, 2014 04:45 (CLT)

Santa's toy bag has been stolen, and if it isn't recovered soon the world's children will forget about Christmas entirely.

When a spirited orphan, Sophianna, discovers that an elusive villain named Krad is to blame for the crisis, she rounds up all over her pals in hopes of tracking him down and recovering Santa's sack before it's too late.

Throughout her pursuit for the elusive sack, Sophianna teams up with a feisty elf, an ambitious young reindeer, and a fox and polar bear duo.


  • Jay Leno
  • Edward Asner
  • Kathy Bates
  • Madison Davenport
  • Colin Ford

Directed by:Robert Zappia