• Publication date: June 18, 2011


A twisted road movie about a couple on their honeymoon that will change their beliefs and outlook on love, life and death

  • Publication date: June 18, 2011


Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 2008

MBC Max:

December 9, 2014 14:30 (KSA) ~ December 9, 2014 13:30 (CLT)

James Franco stars in this hilarious and twisted road trip film, as one half of a couple on their honeymoon to Niagra falls, His name is Silas Parker a petty thief marrying his parole officer’s niece only so he can evade prison and hoping to cross to Canada to evade the law. The other half of this unlikely couple, the better half of course, is Camille Foster a sweet girl with a golden heart who is deeply in love with Silas, and strongly believes this trip to Niagara will change him.

When they are both run over on the highway by a speeding truck, Silas regain consciousness to a dying Camille. What comes next is so unpredictable, that writing it is useless, as no one will ever believe it.

Sometimes you have to see it to believe it.                                                         


  • James Franco – Silas Parker
  • Sienna Miller – Camille Foster
  • David Carradine – Cowboy Bob
  • Scott Glenn – Sheriff Foster
  • Ed Lauter – Sheriff Steiner
  • Mark Wilson – Deputy Ruddy

Directed by: Gregory McKenzie

Rating: PG-13