• Publication date: December 29, 2010


In the year 2027 humankind has ceased reproducing. No new births have ...

In the year 2027 humankind has ceased reproducing. No new births have occurred in 18 years. With no hope for a future, cities around the world have dwindled into complete chaos. Every government has been dissolved except the United Kingdom, where draconian laws have formed alongside a strict ban on foreigners. Immigrating to England is forbidden. Despite the presence of authorities, London’s streets are far from safe. Dissident groups who oppose emergency regulations, specifically those relating to immigration, use terrorist tactics to voice their frustration. Members of opposition parties deny their involvement, and instead insist that government intelligence are responsible, whose aim is to discredit the groups’ legitimacy. Regardless of the attackers' identity, Theo Faron (Clive Owen) has escaped death a number of times, most recently after leaving a coffee shop that exploded seconds after his exit. Years ago Theo was an activist fighting to maintain Britain's civil liberties. After his infant son passed away however, he became withdrawn and politically dormant. Whether he likes it or not though, Theo is about to revisit his subversive past. Shortly after the explosion Theo is kidnapped by a group of masked individuals by the request of Julian Taylor (Julianne Moore), his ex-wife and a prominent immigration activist. Her organization is currently protecting Kee (Clare-Hope Ashitey), an African immigrant due to give birth within days. Given England's political and social climate, Kee must somehow escape the country and seek asylum on the Azores Islands, where an underground team of doctors and scientists are working to cure infertility. Julian has procured her former hubby, whose cousin is a well-connected government minister, to obtain a travel permit for Kee before she gives birth. Theo contacts his cousin Nigel (Danny Huston) to obtain the necessary documents. Although Nigel obtains the permit, he is unable to wave a stipulation that requires Theo to accompany Kee throughout her journey. During the trip a conflict between Julian and a fellow activist complicates the mission, as the future of mankind rests in the womb of one young woman. Children of Men was nominated for 3 Oscars. The picture's soundtrack features a wide array of music spanning multiple generations and genres, including artists such as John Lennon, Deep Purple, Aphex Twin, Radiohead, and Roots Manuva in addition to many others. Rating: Rated R for strong violence, explicit language, some drug use, and brief nudity.