• Publication date: February 25, 2010

Her Passion is Surfing Her Goal is Victory

�Blue Crush� (2002) is a surf drama and romance featuring Kate Bosworth of �Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!� (2004) and �Remember the Titans� (2000) recognition.

�Blue Crush� (2002) is a surf drama and romance featuring Kate Bosworth of �Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!� (2004) and �Remember the Titans� (2000) recognition. Bosworth depicts Anne Marie Chadwick, a female surfer living in Hawaii alongside her younger sister, Penny (Mika Boorem). Years prior, Anne Marie was an aspiring surfer slated to make it big before a near death surfing accident left her traumatized.

The sisters� mother, who ran off to Las Vegas with her new boyfriend, essentially abandoned both Anne Marie and Penny, leaving them to fend for themselves. To survive, Anne Marie and Penny live in a rundown shack with Anne�s two close friends: Eden (Michelle Rodriguez of �The Fast and the Furious� fame) and Lena (Sanoe Lake). Like Anne Marie, Eden and Lena are female surfers who love the beach and fiend for big waves. While Penny is at school, the three girls work as maids at a ritzy resort, struggling to make ends meet.

With Eden�s encouragement Anne Marie decides to reconsider her early retirement from surfing, and attempt to compete professionally once again. She keeps herself disciplined, awaking before dawn each day to visit the beach with her board and revisiting the shore at dusk. Her passion is surfing and her monotonous day job is only a means to sustain her true love.

When a rowdy NFL football team visits the resort and leaves behind a disgusting mess, Anne Marie confronts the players and loses her job in the process. Despite this turn of events placing the aspiring surfer in a difficult situation financially, she now has a chance to focus solely on her sport. Anne Marie�s dreams are put into jeopardy when she falls for football hunk Matt Tollman (Matthew Davis of �Legally Blonde� notoriety) and devotes her time to him rather than the upcoming surf competition. Tensions grow when Eden, who has an unwavering belief in Ann Marie�s ability, confronts her for spending more time with Matt than with her surfboard. To make matters worse, Anne Marie must continually discipline her unruly sister, Penny.

At first glance �Blue Crush� appears to be nothing more than a lackluster teen surf film like the dozens before it. However director John Stockwell does not just provide a superficial look at surf life, full of big waves, cute girls, and seemingly no struggles other than waking up in the morning. In contrast, Stockwell shows the sacrifice required to live one�s dream and both the ensuing joy and sadness involved in doing so. Adding a touch of realism to the picture are numerous cameos by professional surfers such as John Philbin, Tom Carroll, Keala Kennelly and many more.

�Blue Crush� was nominated for two MTV Movie Awards and two Teen Choice Awards. Its soundtrack features familiar pop artists like Lenny Kravitz, N.E.R.D, and P.O.D. The film is rated PG-13 for sexual content, teen partying, language and a fight with a runtime of 104 minutes.