• Publication date: November 1, 2011

True Love Goes Beyond Romance Bella: One Day Can Change Your Life Forever

Bella is a true love story about how one day in New York City changed three people forever.

Bella is a true love story about how one day in New York City changed three people forever.

Nina is a young and attractive Latina working as a waitress in a New York Mexican restaurant. For the past few days she has been sick each morning, and the sickness has caused her to be repeatedly late for work.

As the sickness continues, she begins to suspect that it is morning sickness and the result pregnancy. At the risk of being late once again, Nina purchases a home pregnancy test and discovers that she is indeed pregnant.

With this shocking news in mind, and no father to be found, Nina rushes to work as quickly as possible, only to be greeted by the restaurant�s owner.

Manny, a rough, disciplined, and occasionally vicious manager fires Nina before she can even walk through the door. Nina attempts to explain that she has been sick for the past few days, but does not mention that she is pregnant.

Manny refuses to listen to her excuses and sticks to his decision.

Nina runs away, dropping a small teddy bear on the ground. Manny�s brother, the restaurant�s chef, Jose watches the altercation.

Despite having no formal relation with the waitress he feels emotionally attached to her, picks the bear off the ground, and follows her into a subway station, handing the item back to her.

When he asks what�s wrong Nina informs Jose that she is pregnant.

Due to a traumatizing incident in Jose�s past he decides to leave his post at the kitchen and stay with Nina for the day. Meanwhile, at the restaurant it is noon � the busiest time of the day and Manny has no chef or waitress to help him.

This doesn�t bother Jose, who feels it is his duty to console Nina and is tired of his brother�s attitude anyway. Realizing he, like Nina has probably lost his job, he meets with a friend and restaurant owner who offers the couple a job at his establishment.

The couple travel throughout New York sharing their thoughts and emotions. Though they began the day as absolute strangers they begin to bond as if they had known each other since birth.

Jose takes Nina to his family�s home where she is amazed by their kindness and hospitality. Nina explains that as a child, her family life was less than perfect, and it made her happy to see such a beautiful household.

Jose is not only a kind and understanding friend, but he gives her honest advice regarding a major decision. Nina is contemplating abortion since there is no man to raise her child and she is struggling to make ends meet just by herself.

Due to something that has happened in his past, Jose vows to help Nina raise the child and encourages her not to abort it or put it up for adoption.

This movie is rated PG-13 for thematic elements and brief disturbing images.

Year: 2006

Runtime: 90 mins

Genre: Drama/ Romance


Eduardo Ver�stegui

Tammy Blanchard

Manny Perez

Ali Landry

Ang�lica Arag�n

Jaime Tirelli

Ramon Rodriguez

Directed by: Alejandro Monteverde