• Publication date: March 10, 2012

Back to the Secret Garden

A youngster living in a stately home discovers a magical gardenbut faces a battle with the housekeeper over whether to nurture it.

Program data

Duration: 105

Production Year: 2001

MBC Max:

March 18, 2012 04:25 (KSA) ~ March 18, 2012 03:25 (CLT)

Mary Lennox, the youthful heroine of the original novel, all grown up and far removed from her beloved enchanted garden in Yorkshire's Mistlewaith Manor.

Now living in New York, Mary comes in contact with Lizzie, a feisty Brooklyn-born orphan.

It is Lizzie who tries to save the day by heading off to England and endeavouring to save Mary's secret garden.

The garden has been literally dying in its caregiver's absence.


  • Camilla Belle
  • Joan Plowright
  • Aled Roberts
  • Cherie Lunghi
  • Leigh Lawson

Directed by: Michael Tuchner