• Publication date: May 1, 2010

Settling The Score To Win His Soul Mate Heartbreak From The Other Side Of The Fence

Ranbir Kapoor depicts Raj Sharma in �Bachna Ae Haseeno� (2008), a womanizing computer programmer employed by Microsoft in Mumbai.

Ranbir Kapoor depicts Raj Sharma in �Bachna Ae Haseeno� (2008), a womanizing computer programmer employed by Microsoft in Mumbai. A promotion at work sends him to Sydney, Australia where he meets Gayatri (Deepika Padukone), a beautiful woman who pays her college tuition by driving a taxi. Raj, once a devout bachelor, is quickly infatuated with her and offers his hand in marriage. However like Raj, she fiercely opposes the idea of marriage, and is quite content living single.

Raj is crushed by Gayatri�s rejection and, rightfully so, attributes it to bad karma. For the past decade he has lived the life of a playboy, traveling to exotic locations, wearing expensive clothes, and driving the best cars. Along the way, however, he has also tragically broken the hearts of two good women: Mahi Ahluwalia (Minissha Lamba) and Shreya Rathod (Bipasha Basu).

To reconcile his past Raj decides he must seek the forgiveness of both women, and begins with Mahi. Once at her home he encounters Joginder (Kunal Kapoor), Mahi�s husband for the past fifteen years. The meeting is initially heated. While Mahi is in a happy relationship with two children, her husband explains that she is romantically cold, primarily due to her heartbreaking experience with Raj years prior. Cordially, Raj apologizes to Mahi and reinforces that Joginder is her true soul mate; this alters her stance on romance, much to her husband�s pleasure.

With part of his mission successfully accomplished Raj searches for Shreya, his former neighbor who has transformed herself into an internationally known supermodel. Before relocating to Australia the two were engaged, but Raj cold-heartedly bailed on her at the last minute and fled to Sydney. Still angry, Shreya refuses to accept her ex-boyfriend�s apology. Eventually she agrees to forgive him, though with one stipulation: Raj must work as her personal assistant, cleaning, running errands, and even serving drinks to guests.

While Raj is determined to karmically redeem himself, there is still no guarantee that Gayatri will change her mind about marriage. Perhaps, despite apologies, his damage cannot be undone � and losing his one and only true love will be his punishment.

�Bachna Ae Haseeno� is rated PG. Its runtime is 152 minutes.