• Publication date: January 11, 2010

Baby Bedlam

A 10-year-old boy's fondness for practical jokes gets him into trouble when a baby is accidentally kidnapped.

  • Publication date: January 11, 2010

Baby Bedlam

Program data

Duration: 80

Production Year: 2000

MBC Max:

April 10, 2012 05:30 (KSA) ~ April 10, 2012 04:30 (CLT)

Brad's sister Becky is hired to babysit by star NBA basketball player Mosiah Jackson.

Brad and his friends decide to play a prank on Becky by leaving a ransom note and taking the baby, which they hide in one the athlete's car.

Soon a car thief named Jack breaks in and steals the car for the mafia but he then has a change of heart after discovering that he has inadvertently kidnapped a child.

While he decides what to do with the baby, the mafia learn of the kidnapping and decide to take the baby and put a ransom on him.


  • Joe Piscopo
  • Julie Hagerty
  • Reggie Theus
  • Jake Dinwiddie
  • Robert Bailey Jr.

Directed by: Eric Hendershot