• Publication date: March 4, 2010

Attack Force

When his elite team is viciously wiped out, their leader Lawson (Steven Seagal) vows to avenge his fallen men.

  • Publication date: March 4, 2010

Attack Force

Program data

Duration: 120

Production Year: 2006

MBC Max:

September 9, 2014 22:00 (KSA) ~ September 9, 2014 21:00 (CLT)

Action films icon Steven Seagal stars as Marshall Lawson, the leader of an elite squad that has been ambushed and violently killed. Marshal is determined to uncover the source of the attacks, and starts following leads, the deeper the more suspicious the evidence looked, till he is facing a crazed drug dealer who has links to a covert military operation code named “ CTX Majestic”, which put him now on the government’s radar and becomes a target himself.

But Marshal (Seagal) is not intimidated and is more resolute at uncovering the truth than ever. This is action thrillers at their best, a fight to the death with brutal - Attack Force!


  • Steven Seagal – Marshall Lawson
  • Lisa Lovbrand – Tia
  • David Kennedy – Dwayne
  • Gabi Burlacu – Tia's agent
  • Matthew Chambers – Seth
  • Vlad Coada – Tia's Agent #3
  • Adam Croasdell – Aroon
  • Mark Dymond – Phil
  • Florian Ghimpu – Tourist
  • Vlad Iacob – Tia's Agent
  • Ileana Lazariuc – Queen
  • Sayed Najem – Hitman Guard
  • Daniel Pisica – Lead Team Soldier

Directed by: Michael Keusch

Rating: R