• Publication date: April 14, 2011

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Tolgahan Sayisman portrays Ugur, an awkward pharmaceutical salesman obsessed with Fenerbahçe, his favorite ...

Tolgahan Sayisman portrays Ugur, an awkward pharmaceutical salesman obsessed with Fenerbahçe, his favorite Turkish soccer club. Ugur is literally devoted to Fenerbahçe as if it were a religion, and has developed a series of rituals and prayers that he believes safeguards their victory throughout each match. This is much to the chagrin of Ugur's mother, who hopes to have grandchildren like her friends; instead Ugur spends most of his time in front of the television, watching the latest game. Pınar (Fahriye Evcen) is a young, successful, and attractive employee at an insurance company. Her boss, Burçaslan (Tim Seyfi) is a womanizer known to offer promotions in exchange for sexual favors. Pınar's mother, like Ugur's, relentlessly begs her child to get married and have children. After dealing with Burçaslan's chauvinism however, and a boyfriend who dumped her after traveling to America, Pinar has no interest in dating anymore, much less marriage. One day while driving and chanting Fenerbahçe cheers, Ugur runs a red light and smashes into Pinar's SUV. When he sees its driver exit however, he is entranced by her beauty and becomes completely senseless, unable to hear, see, or speak properly. His strange attitude is not interpreted by Pinar as a sign of romance, but almost as a form of psychosis that prompts her to call the police. After exchanging their information she hastens to leave due to utter disgust. A few days later Pinar and Ugur meet again, this time at a corner store pharmacy. When the pharmacist is out of a particular medication, Ugur offers her free samples of another, superior medicine that he is currently promoting. She refuses and scolds him for invading her privacy. Despite her brash attitude, Ugur remains infatuated with Pinar. Another coincidental meeting occurs soon after when their mothers, unaware of their prior acquaintance, pair the two for lunch in the park. Pinar is furious at this point, convinced that she has a deranged stalker following her every move. Ugur does prove to be Pinar's knight in shining armor eventually, losing his supplementary job as a waiter in the process. Just when the pair of lovebirds agree to tie the knot however, soccer and its related rituals break them apart and cause a rift between both families. The couple realizes that they are soul mates, but is the relationship damaged beyond repair? Ugur must decide which is more important: the love of a woman, or the love of Fenerbahçe.