• Publication date: January 11, 2014

Analyze This

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A successful psychiatrist suddenly finds his life turned upside down by his new patient, who happens to be an insecure mob boss.

  • Publication date: January 11, 2014

Analyze This

Program data

Duration: 120

Production Year: 1999

MBC Max:

October 22, 2015 18:00 (KSA) ~ October 22, 2015 17:00 (CLT)

Mob boss Paul Vitti is suffering from anxiety attacks and he is forced to track down a shrink to help him get to the bottom of the problem.

Neurotic psychiatrist Ben Sobol is manipulated into treating the macho Mafia man.

Just as Ben and his fiancée are about to enter nuptial bliss, they are suddenly faced with a 24-hour responsibility to Paul who won't take no for an answer.

As Paul battles his personal demons, the unwilling shrink finds his life turned upside down.

The two men's professional and private worlds soon collide, forcing them to join forces to battle the FBI and the threat of a Mafia takeover.


  • Robert De Niro
  • Billy Crystal
  • Lisa Kudrow
  • Chazz Palminteri
  • Joe Viterelli

Directed by: Harold Ramis

Rating:R for language, a scene of sexuality and some violence