• Publication date: August 2, 2014


An Italian-American man, with less than favorable opinions when it comes to illegal Mexican laborers, is forced to work as one of them

  • Publication date: August 2, 2014


Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 2009

MBC Max:

August 8, 2014 16:30 (KSA) ~ August 8, 2014 15:30 (CLT)

A well observed and executed drama, around a very taboo subject in the US, that of the illegal workers from south of the borders. Bruno (Carmine Famiglietti) is an Italian-American residing in queens, New York. He is jobless and hunting for one, but times are hard and a full time job is hard to come by these days. One thing about Bruno is that he can’t stand illegal alien, who are stealing his jobs, or so he thinks. What he didn’t foresee is having to work with the same people he judged. That’s happened when he took a job, as a laborer in landscaping. However, after working for few days side by side with Cesar (Huge ALemna), and despite the lack of communication, since neither speaks the language of the other; a deep friendship builds up, based on mutual respect and appreciation. But, with Cesar and his wife being without papers sooner or later, the American dream will end..

A very current drama, dealing with a very sensitive and taboo subject, with such subtlety and sensitivity, to avoid all the clichés and the clinical documentary approach… Life affirming!



  • Huge Aleman as Cesar
  • Sophia Antonini as Nurse
  • Michael Aronov as Alex
  • Edison Carrera as Day Laborer
  • Raul Castillo as Ignacio
  • Carmine Famiglietti as Bruno
  • Susanna Hari as Station Nurse
  • Lou Martini Jr. as Guy
  • Burton Perez as Willie
  • Manny Perez as Diego

Directed by: Matthew Bonifacio

Rating: PG-13