• Publication date: June 11, 2012

Alone In The Woods

In this outdoor adventure a young boy uses his ingenuity and expertise to save a toy magnate's daughter from a goofy pair of kidnappers.

  • Publication date: June 11, 2012

Alone In The Woods

Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 1996

MBC Max:

September 16, 2012 05:45 (KSA) ~ September 16, 2012 04:45 (CLT)

Justin Rodgers is a precocious and adventurous ten-year-old youngster who decides to leave a family vacation.

Soon Justin finds himself hitching a ride with two kidnappers after climbing aboard the wrong van.

When the bumbling crooks hatch a plan to nab a business tycoon's daughter, he finds his only recourse is to save the girl while making his escape.

Meanwhile, Justin's dysfunctional family seem more interested in football on television as opposed to family interaction and no one realises Justin is gone.


  • Laraine Newman
  • Brady Bluhm
  • Stephen C. Bradbury
  • Daniel McVicar
  • Sarah Bibb
  • Chick Vennera

Directed by: John Putch

Rating: PG for language, mild violence and some bathroom humor