• Publication date: March 12, 2018


When aliens invade a space colony, a female pilot is sent to eradicate them.

  • Publication date: March 12, 2018


Program data

Duration: 150

Production Year: 1986

MBC Max:

March 12, 2018 20:00 (KSA) ~ March 12, 2018 19:00 (CLT)

(mbc.net) Sigourney Weaver portrays Ellen Ripley, a former pilot forWeyland-Yutani, a corporation specializing in space colonization.  Years earlier Ripley encountered a strange alien being while exploring the LV-426 colony, and destroying her ship was Ellen's sole means of escape.

Her superiors refused to accept her explanation however, and deemed Ripley unfit for flight.  Later, Lieutenant William Gorman (William Hope) offers to reinstate Ellen's pilot's license, provided that she accompanies him to LV-426.  Weyland-Yutani has been unable to communicate with the colony, and suspects that Ripley's past experiences there may prove useful. 

Aliens won two Academy Awards and was nominated for a Golden Globe.  The picture was a commercial success, garnering seven times its budget.