• Publication date: February 27, 2011

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Orhan Ataoglu is as cool as can be. He is rich, handsome and ...

Orhan Ataoglu is as cool as can be. He is rich, handsome and is one of a kind. Ataoglu has chosen to pursue an academic career in Anatolian city instead of settling down to manage the huge estate he inherited from his family. Orhan has Ayse, a woman who loves him and who he loves back. Yet it seems he does not know her well enough because if he did he would have calculated that instead of living a rich, comfortable and super fun life, just being with her in Eskisehir and talking about poetry for years on end scares her. That fear later leads to infidelity but when Orhan fails to calculate this, Ayse cheats on him. Orhan is now in Istanbul he has returned carrying the enormous pain of his heart. He prepares to teach at university, where he meets Oya who is a photographer and a student at the same time. She is much younger than Ayse and perhaps more prepared to love Orhan. Its not long before Orhan proposes to Oya and they are quickly married. A horrible car accident the night of their wedding leaves Oya blind. Orhan is shattered while Oya tries to stay positive but her husband no longer loves her. Orhan wants a divorce but he feels guilty. Orhan’s eye starts to wonder and he finds Seda a student who is an aspiring actress and stars in TV shows. Meanwhile Oya slits her wrists in an attempted suicide while a young beautiful woman moves in next door. Ayse then returns to Orhan and begs his forgiveness for cheating on him, further confusing the man who is now caught up in a messy triangle of women.