• Publication date: April 9, 2009

Housekeeper Turned Seductress Who Takes a Father and Son as Victims

Emmy and Academy Award winning actor and star of �24� Kiefer Sutherland brings audiences �Woman Wanted,� (2000) a motion picture adaptation of screenwriter Joanna McClelland Glass� identically titled novel. This is Sutherland�s second round in the director�s chair, following his 1997 directorial debut, �Truth or Consequences, N.M.� Sutherland, whose notable roles include �Stand By Me� (1986), �At Close Range� (1986), and �The Lost Boys� (1987) also appears in the film, depicting the young aspiring poet and distressed son Wendell Goddard.

  • Publication date: April 9, 2009

Housekeeper Turned Seductress Who Takes a Father and Son as Victims

Premiered in the US in 2000, "Wantd Woman" combines both drama and romance elements.

The movie is directed by Kiefer Sutherland, who won the Golden Globe Award as well as another 11 world class awards, and was nominated for 33 awards along his cinematic career.

"Wanted Woman" is based on a novel by Joanna McClelland Glass, who also wrote the screenplay of the movie. The story is about a woman who works as a housekeeper for a widower and his son.

With duration of 110 minutes, the film stars Holly Hunter as Emma Riley, Sutherland as Wendell Goddard, Michael Moriarty as Richard Goddard, Carrie Preston as Monica and Sutherlands own mother, Shirley Douglas as Peg.

The movie was filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. One of the notable features of the film is that "Alan Smithee" is listed as one of the directors, meaning Sutherland felt the film had left his creative control.

The events of "Wanted Woman" revolve around the story of Emma Riley (Holly Hunter) who comes to work as a housekeeper for a widower, Richard Goddard (Michael Moriarty) and his grown son Wendell (Sutherland).

Both father and son are so much emotionally attached to her to the point that she is asked by the father to marry her, to the dismay of the son who also loves her.

But the animosity of the two men toward each other is finally resolved when she becomes intentionally pregnant, possibly by one or the other as she goes to bed with both men within a matter of days, causing neither to win her for himself, but both to become bound together because of the child.

It is a complete mystery why this gem of a movie has apparently failed to find a theatrical release and been shown first on cable TV.

"Woman Wanted" has a strong cast and demonstrates again that Holly Hunter is one of the most gifted actresses around today.

It is a delight in this movie to see her combining wistful emotion with a fierce self-confidence that really makes you care what happens to the enigmatic character of Emma Riley.

The way Hunter plays the role evokes memories of characters from earlier movies such as "Miss Firecracker" and "Always and Once Around".

"Woman Wanted" won 2 world-class awards: Los Charales Award and Best Feature Film Award.