• Publication date: November 23, 2011

Unlikely Superheroes Zoom: They're going to save the world . . . as long as they're home for dinnerz

Zoom is a comedy-superhero film It is based upon the children's book Amazing Adventures from Zoom's Academy by Jason Lethcoe

Former superhero Jack is called back to work to transform an unlikely group of ragtag kids into superheroes at a private Academy. Together they'll learn to work as a team and save the world from an evil menace set on total destruction.

Peter Hewitt's family-friendly adventure film, ZOOM, stars Tim Allen as an aging former superhero who is reluctantly called back on the job.

Years ago, Jack was adopted for a government program that capitalized on the oddities of unusual children.

Under the influence of super-strength-building Gamma rays, Jack became the lightning-fast Zoom, and joined the Zenith team, a group of other similarly cultivated superheroes that included his brother, Concussion.

But Concussion went bad, betrayed his fellows, and Zoom was the only one to survive; since then, he has rescinded his powers.

Now the government, alarmed at Concussion's approach from another dimension, wants to put together another Zenith team with Jack as their leader.

The officials, including Chevy Chase and Rip Torn, assemble a motley crew of youths that includes a six-year-old "princess" with superhuman strength, and an innocuous-looking chubby boy who can grow parts of his body at will.

Two teenagers are also on hand, and they fall in love, while the initially reluctant Jack, who suffered much at the hands of the Zenith team and has since become bitter about the possibility of heroes, begins to open up to the kids.

He also finds love with the bumbling, admiring child psychologist who has been assigned to the case.

Although the story is somewhat formulaic and the characters thinly drawn, the film's message comes across strongly: the qualities that make a misfit are the very ones that give strength.

This movie is rated PG for brief rude humor, language and mild action.

Showing on: MBC MAX

Year: 2006

Runtime: 86 mins

Genre: Action/ Adventure/ Comedy


Tim Allen

Rip Torn

Kevin Zegers

Kate Mara

Courteney Cox

Spencer Breslin

Michael Cassidy

Ryan Newman

Directed by: Peter Hewitt