• Publication date: August 25, 2009

Slackers Slackers

Dave, Jeff and Sam are three college seniors preparing for their final days ...

Dave, Jeff and Sam are three college seniors preparing for their final days on campus. First, however, they must complete a grueling exam with a notoriously difficult instructor. Unlike their peers, the guys are not afraid of failing though: throughout their studies they have mastered the fine art of cheating, and have never received a bad grade yet. As expected, they ace the test – though with a slight hurtle in the final seconds. Still there is a problem, and it arrives in the form of Ethan, a geeky guy who has been following the shysters for the past few weeks. Ethan eventually corners them, threatening to reveal their scheme to the school's administrators. He is willing to keep the students' cheating a secret, but only if they hook him up with their hot neighbor, Angela. For years Ethan has stalked Angela, collecting strands of her hair that he has twisted into a small puppet. That act alone should indicate his creepiness. Naturally, Angela detects Ethan's strange vibe and denies his advances. Dave, Sam, and Jeff agree to help the nerd score a date with his dream girl, but the task proves incredibly difficult even for these experts in manipulation. Worse yet, Angela develops a crush on Dave, increasing Ethan's irritability and everyone’s fear of being exposed. The film’s quirky soundtrack accompanies the similarly goofy film To a T, featuring tracks by alternative band Blind Melon and Hip-Hop group Handsome Boy Modeling School. Rating: Rated R for strong language, sexual content and brief drug use.