• Publication date: May 18, 2009

Reeker Reeker

Five students on a deserted highway on their way to a party; Trip, ...

Five students on a deserted highway on their way to a party; Trip, Cookie, Nelson, Jack who is blind, and the driver, Gretchen. When Gretchen discovers that Trip is carrying pills that he had stolen from a drug dealer, she decides to kick him out of her car. They drive to the diner so he can arrange for transportation. But they soon learn over the radio that the highway is closed, and they decide to take shelter in the ‘Halfway Motel’ an eerily empty motel, next to the gas station and diner. Though the youngsters are stirred by the stroke of bad luck, they set up camp in the empty motel trying to maintain the party spirit. Trip tries to walk down the road looking for someone to help, when he runs into the drug dealer Radford. He flees Radford to run into Henry, an older man driving an RV and looking for his wife who seems to have gone missing. Trip and Henry return to set up camp at the abandoned Motel as well. As haunting images of what seems like mutilated travelers start appearing to the people trapped in the motel, a rotting smell seems to be bringing on the attacks which will follow. Though “Reeker” reaps the juice of age-old horror flick notions such as teens-stranded-in-shady-motel-picked-off-by-killer, it does it with style, good camerawork, and most importantly an interesting twist at the end.