• Publication date: May 17, 2009

Men of Respect Men of Respect

Charlie D’Amico was an older generation Mafia boss who was regarded as fair ...

Charlie D’Amico was an older generation Mafia boss who was regarded as fair in an otherwise unfair world. Despite living in a nice 2 story mansion, D’Amico nurtured and formed his Family to be a low key back room organization. Towards his last years in the early 1990’s, he estranged himself from his underlings with his intentions to have his sons succeed him. These underlings included Carmello Rossi, long time crime family consigliere; Vincent Codaro and Mike Battaglia. Vincent “Vinny” Codaro was a ranking lieutenant in the D’Amico Family who launched a massive attack against D’Amico interests. The attack was geared towards the financial backbone of the family including the Las Vegas Parlor, Whitestone Billiards, the diners and drycleaners on the North End as well as several attacks against D’Amico policy people in Fordham as well as the murder of Louie Fench who was found in the Bronx River, who was viewed as the muscle in Westchester. When news of the Codaro scheme surfaced, Mike Battaglia and Bankie Como, two soldiers in the D’Amico Family joined forces with Sal D’Amico. Despite being soldiers, all three commanded considerable respect in their own circles with underlings at their disposal. They met outside the Poseidon Adventure, an upscale Greek restaurant where Alli “The Greek” Bernacci was dining with most of his crew following the attack against the D’Amicos. What will be the End of this war?