• Publication date: August 25, 2009

Made Made

Made is a comedy about a guy who tries to make a break ...

Made is a comedy about a guy who tries to make a break for himself, his stripper girlfriend, and her daughter by doing a job for his mafia friend, Max. Bobby is sustaining a mediocre life as an honest mason for construction projects belonging to Max, who is in the business of illegal practices. Bobby decides he wants to provide a better life for his stripper girlfriend and her daughter Chloe, so he accepts sets himself up with a job with the mafia. While not necessarily the wisest of decisions, he makes what could be a worse one by bringing along his sure-to-screw-up friend, Ricky. On the road to meet with the Welshman and the Westies, Bobby and Ricky meet Ruiz, the man who is going to set up the meeting between Bobby and Ricky (acting as Max’s representatives) and the others. However, Bobby can’t help control the thrill of the ride and wants to live it large. He suggests bringing a gun to the meet, but Bobby wants to play it safe. The day of the meet, Ricky goes missing and Bobby has to go in alone. This film is rated R for pervasive drug use, drug content and some sexuality.