• Publication date: December 28, 2009

Like Mike 2: Streetball Like Mike 2: Streetball

A sequel to 2002’s Like Mike, this new edition features the same magical ...

A sequel to 2002’s Like Mike, this new edition features the same magical shoes of its predecessor. The story begins when Jerome finds a mysterious pair of sneakers hanging from a streetlight. Later, they are struck with lightening that etches the initials, “M.J.” inside them. After lacing them up, Jerome wears the kicks to a local game of basketball, and soon discovers that he has acquired court skills akin to the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan. This is great news for Jerome, whose father was a renowned streetball player in his heyday. Finally, the youngster can make a connection with his estranged dad that will hopefully lead to a meaningful father-son relationship. First, however, he must show his prowess to the local streetball team, comprised of mostly older members. Jerome dons his supernatural shoes and scores hoop after hoop, devastating the other contenders. He soon catches the eye of a prominent promoter, who signs the teenager to his team. Jerome, who months prior would not stand a chance against adult players, is now touring the country and competing against some of the nation’s most fierce street ballers. In parallel, Jerome’s distant cousin, Ray declares himself the boy’s manager, and quickly drafts a contract granting him a 5 percent cut of all earnings. More eager to line his pockets with cash than further his cousin’s career, Ray begins securing sponsorship deals for Jerome. Begrudgingly Jerome accepts many of the offers, though a request from a shoe manufacturer to sport their shoes during play creates a clear problem for the teen, one that Ray is oblivious to. Rating: Rated PG for some mild rude humor and explicit language.