• Publication date: September 7, 2009

If Only If Only

Jennifer Love Hewitt plays Samantha Andrews, an aspiring American musician living in London, ...

Jennifer Love Hewitt plays Samantha Andrews, an aspiring American musician living in London, pursuing her craft academically. For most of her three years there Samantha has been in a relationship with Ian Wyndham, a British businessman. While the two are unquestionably in love Samantha often feels neglected, and not nearly as important to Ian as his job. Ian realizes this, but repeatedly fails to change his ways. This builds up to an emotional argument on London’s streets, with Samantha hastily jumping into a cab to flee from Ian. Futilely, he chases after her on foot. Instead of catching up to Samantha, however, he witnesses her death first hand, as another car smashes into her taxi. Distraught, Ian returns to his apartment and attempts to sleep away his depression. The next morning he is shocked to find Samantha lying next to him, completely unaware of what happened the day before. In a scenario similar to Groundhog Day, though without daily repetition, he discovers that the prior day had been erased and rewound like a cassette, not only from Samantha’s mind but the entire world’s. This is Ian’s big chance to change his ways, and hopefully, not only salvage his relationship with Samantha, but also save her life in the process. Naturally, Samantha is shocked at her boyfriend’s change of heart, and absolutely unsure why he is so insistent upon leaving London. Nevertheless, she happily accompanies Ian throughout what will become the best day of their lives. Hewitt is given a chance to flaunt her vocal skills in the flick, performing both songs: Love Will Show You Everything and Take My Heart Back. While the picture was not a major commercial success, primarily due to limited distribution, it was generally well received by audiences. Rating: PG-13 for some sexual content