• Publication date: November 3, 2009

Ice Princess Ice Princess

“Ice Princess” centers around Casey Carlyle, a science geek and straight A student ...

“Ice Princess” centers around Casey Carlyle, a science geek and straight A student who, with some ingenuity and hard work, becomes a champion figure skater, but not before she faces one obstacle after another. Casey is not your average girl, a fact that causes her some discomfort, while other kids are able to balance a life of study and leisure, Casey is forced to focus on an academic career in Physics while she harbors a secret passion for figure skating. But unfortunately for Casey her mother, Joan, a hardworking no nonsense feminist college professor, believes that young girls spinning around in skimpy dresses is a form of exploitation and so Casey gives up on the idea of participating in the sport and instead focuses on physics, with little time for anything else, including friends. Its seems though, however, Casey is about to have a break through as she finally manages to merge pleasure with study when her high school physics teacher suggests that she begin work on a summer project that will assist her in her admittance to an Ivy League school. Casey’s teacher suggests that she apply her proficiency in physics to another, less academic subject that she enjoys and naturally, Casey chooses to examine ice skating, resulting in her developing equations and theories to help skaters perform optimally. As Casey begins her research she starts taping young skaters at the local ice rink, owned and operated by former champion skater Tina Harwood. Tina is not happy with Casey recording the girls in her rink but when Casey explains why she is there, a fascinated Tina reluctantly allows her to continue taping. It doesn’t take Casey long to figure out various equations to several skating moves and Casey begins practicing herself all the while making sure her mother never finds out. Tina and the other girls are quickly impressed with Casey’s skill and it is not long before she is fit enough to skate alongside some of the town’s best athletes. But can Casey overcome sabotage and her overbearing mother to live her dream? This movie is rated G and is suitable for all ages.