• Publication date: September 7, 2009

Goodbye Lover Goodbye Lover

Ben is an executive at a prominent Los Angeles advertising agency; he works ...

Ben is an executive at a prominent Los Angeles advertising agency; he works alongside his younger brother, Jake, a lazy alcoholic who just happens to be an excellent copy editor. Jake is married to a beautiful woman named Sandra, who has grown tiresome of their relationship and her husband's alcoholism. Unbeknownst to Jake, however, his wife has found refuge in the arms of another man. Even worse, her guy on the side is none other than Ben, his big brother. Ben and Sandra's relationship begins to fizzle though, and he attempts to find a woman for a long-term relationship and hooks up with Peggy, a coworker who has been infatuated with him for years. When Sandra finds out about Ben's new girlfriend she goes berserk, and reveals her affair to Jake. Naturally, Jake is furious and quickly confronts his brother. The altercation ends abruptly though, when Ben "accidentally" falls from a high-rise balcony and ultimately to his death. A surprise plot twist reveals that Jake and his wife were in cahoots the entire time, scheming to create what would appear to be a suicide, with the intent of collecting Ben’s $4 million insurance policy. But just when Jake and his wife prepare to cash in, Sandra claims that she and Ben secretly married three days prior to his death. This effectively means that his wife will collect the entire sum from this point forward even more unpredictable events ensue, especially as each character reveals their ulterior, carefully planned motives. Ben’s death and all of the strangeness surrounding it eventually raises the eyebrows of Rita Pompano, a wisecracking homicide detective who suspects the copy editor was murdered. Along with her straight-laced Mormon partner, Rollins they attempt to unearth the truth regarding Ben's death – and strangely have fun while doing so.