• Publication date: February 27, 2014

World Cupp 2011

A thrilling crime drama takes a peek behind the scene of gambling, and match fixing in the world of Cricket.

  • Publication date: February 27, 2014

World Cupp 2011

Program data

Duration: 150

Production Year: 2009

MBC Bollywood:

February 27, 2014 05:00 (KSA) ~ February 27, 2014 04:00 (CLT)

When Ravi, the Captain of a popular Indian cricket team, is exposed, by an investigative reporter on live TV, for accepting a bribe and throwing the game of the world Cup 2007 to Pakistan, He is a national disgrace and soon banned for four years for misconduct.

Not only his team and fans are against them, their actions don’t sit well with their families too. The repercussions on the team are also devastating, with the team now losing to everyone. With the 2011 cricket world cup looming, something must be done. What can Ravi do to amend and rectify what he has done? Will he get a second chance?




  • Ravi Kapoor - Ravi.
  • Puneet Vashist - Special Appearance.
  • Manisha Chatterjee - Soha.
  • Zakir Hussain (actor) - Bookie Shobhaan
  • Smita Jaykar - Ravi's Mother.
  • Suresh Oberoi - Coach
  • Prem Chopra - BICI Chairman
  • Aadesh Shrivastav - Guest App.


Directed by: Ravi Kapoor

Rating: NR