• Publication date: June 13, 2014


Sometimes the best way to know where we are going is finding out where we came from.

  • Publication date: June 13, 2014


Program data

Duration: 210

Production Year: 2004

MBC Bollywood:

October 5, 2015 15:30 (KSA) ~ October 5, 2015 14:30 (CLT)

Mohan is a successful scientist working as a project manager at NASA, when both his parents’ dies, he feels lonely and starts missing and longing to his Village back in India. Soon he decides to go back home and track down his old nanny Kaveri, who used to take care of him once a child still living in India.

While on his quest for his Nanny, he gets reacquainted with an old friend that seems to admire the man he became and his noble gesture of taking his nanny back to the states.  But the rest of the villagers don’t share her feelings and positive outlook on Mohan or his accomplishment.

Swades is above all a nostalgia filled trip down memory lane, a deeper and more internal quest than it may appear.



  • Shah Rukh Khan as Mohan
  • Gayatri Joshi as Gita
  • Kishori Balal as Kaveri amma
  • Smith Seth as Chiku
  • Lekh Tandon as Dadaji
  • Rajesh Vivek as Nivaran Dayal Shrivastav

Directed by: Ashutosh Gowariker

Rating:  NR