• Publication date: June 13, 2014

Khuda Gawah

An epic love tale between a fearless warrior and the love of his life, and the many obstacles they had to endure in the name of love.

  • Publication date: June 13, 2014

Khuda Gawah

Program data

Duration: 180

Production Year: 1993

MBC Bollywood:

December 1, 2015 05:00 (KSA) ~ December 1, 2015 04:00 (CLT)

Baadshah Khan (Amitabh Bachchan), an Afghan warrior, falls deeply in love with Benazir (Sridevi) and is intend on marrying her despite her belonging to another rival clan, that has defeated him in a game of Buzkashi. Benazir, accept to marry him under one condition; He must avenge her father and bring her the head of his killer, Habibullah. He accepts the challenge, and heads to India to carry out his revenge mission, he succeed in his quest but this only provokes the enemy and he finds himself prosecuted in a strange land, most notably by a bandit named Pasha (Kiran Kumar). To complicate the matter Baadshah is soon imprisoned miles away from his land and love. Resolution won’t come till years later, when he will face his enemies once again, and finally come back Home. This is a love story of epical proportion, a finely stylized mis-en-scene appeal to our modern sensibility while at the same time dealing as ancient as human longing, patriotism, loyalty and above all the power of Love.




  • ·        Amitabh Bachchan as Baadshah Khan
  • ·        Sridevi as Benazir / Mehndi
  • ·        Nagarjuna Akkineni as Insp. Raj Mizra
  • ·        Shilp Shirodkar as Insp. Henna Ranveer Sethi
  • ·        Kiran Kumar as Pasha
  • ·        Danny Denzongpa as Khuda Baksh
  • ·        Anjana Mumtaz as Salma Mirza
  • ·        Beena Banerjee as Laxmi Sthi


Directed by: Mukul Anand

Rating: NR