• Publication date: December 30, 2014

Jab We Met

When a depressed wealthy businessman cross path with the care free Geet Kaur, His life start changing.

  • Publication date: December 30, 2014

Jab We Met

Program data

Duration: 180

Production Year: 2007

MBC Bollywood:

June 15, 2017 22:00 (KSA) ~ June 15, 2017 21:00 (CLT)

Aditya Kashyap is a wealthy businessman down on his luck. His beloved father just passed, his girlfriend ditched him. One day he decides to take the train, where he meets, Geet Kaur Dhillon, who is returning home to Bhatinda. She decides to follow him, for unknown reasons, missing her train.

He opts to spend sometimes with her, and accompany her to her home, where he meets her family, and her soon to be husband. But she manages somehow to convince her family that it’s with Aditya that she wants to be. They agree, welcoming him. Things look brighter now for Aditya. Or is Geet reserving yet another surprise under her sleeve?



  • Shahid Kapoor as Aditya D. Kashyap
  • Kareen Kapoor as Geet Kaur Dhillon
  • Taroun Arora as Anshuman
  • Dara Singh as Dadaji
  • Pavan Malhotra as Geet’s Chacha
  • Iran Juneja as Mrs. Dhillon
  • Divya Shah as Mrs. Khanna

Directed by: Imtiaz Ali

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