• Publication date: April 6, 2014

Ferrari Ki Sawaari

What a joyride of a movie this is. One filled with sport, adventure, laughter, but above all a heart of gold at its core.

  • Publication date: April 6, 2014

Ferrari Ki Sawaari

Program data

Duration: 150

Production Year: 2012

MBC Bollywood:

June 14, 2016 00:30 (KSA) ~ June 13, 2016 23:30 (CLT)

Ferrari Ki Sawaari is the story of a father’s love for his son, a father who is ready to do anything in this world to make his young boy happy. Kayo, is a little boy that thinks of nothing but Cricket his favorite sport and his biggest wish is to paly at Lord’s Crickets Ground. His father Rusy (Sharman Joshi), is a loving honest father who adores his son, and to fulfill this wish, he commits a small crime, when he borrows a gleaming red Ferrari for one hour. The problem is he didn’t tell the owner of this. But what he expected to be a small innocent gesture, turn into a night he won’t be forgetting, well ever. A night ride through the chaotic streets of Mumbai. Where he will encounter all kind shady characters, from an insistent wedding planner, to a pair of dimwitted men, a greedy politician and his son. The night will be long and troubled, and the naïve Dad must learn to dodge the bullets and fast, in order to survive the chaos the night is throwing his way.

This is a heartfelt story, of big dreams, perseverance, but above all a story of love. The kind only a caring father can give. One of the best Family film you will see this year.  




  • Sharman Joshi as Rusy
  • Boman Irani as Father of Rusy
  • Ritvik Sahore as Kayo
  • Paresh Rawal as Dilip Dharmadhikari
  • Vidya Balan in a Special Appearance
  • Satyadeep Mishra as Kayo's Cricket Coach
  • Achyut Potdar as Shop Owner


Directed by: Rajesh Mapuskar

Rating: NR