• Publication date: November 24, 2017


Though the sweet-natured Kiran tries to be as understanding as she can be, as she awaits finally getting married to her promised Sunil, somehow Rahul’s rude advances keep increasing in both frequency and shock value, to the point that threatens her personal safety…

  • Publication date: November 24, 2017


Program data

Duration: 180

Production Year: 1993

MBC Bollywood:

November 25, 2017 00:30 (KSA) ~ November 24, 2017 23:30 (CLT)

(mbc.net) Though the sweet-natured Kiran tries to be as understanding as she can be, as she awaits finally getting married to her promised Sunil, somehow Rahul’s rude advances and confessions of undying love keep increasing in both frequency and shock value, to the point that threatens Kiran’s personal safety and that of her loved ones…

Rahul’s disfigured obsession with having Kiran ‘whether she likes it or not’ soon has him hunting the newlyweds down across the far reaches of the planet to see his demented vision to fruition… 


  • Shah Rukh Khan as Rahul Mehra
  • Juhi Chawla as Kiran Awasthi
  • Sunny Deol as Sunil Malhotra
  • Anupam Kher as Vijay Awasthi
  • Tanvi Azmi as Poonam Awasthi
  • Dalip Tahi as Captain Mehra
  • Annu Kapoor as Vikram ‘Vicky’ Oberoi

Directed by:  Yash Chopra

Rating:  UK: 18