• Publication date: May 5, 2018

7 Khoon Maaf

Anglo-Indian Susanna Johannes has been sought after for as long as she remembers. Narrated by her friend Arun, the story unfolds of how this unlucky soul was cursed with getting married to husbands with ultimately fatal flaws…

  • Publication date: May 5, 2018

7 Khoon Maaf

Program data

Duration: 150

Production Year: 2011

MBC Bollywood:

May 5, 2018 19:30 (KSA) ~ May 5, 2018 18:30 (CLT)

(mbc.net) Anglo-Indian Susanna Johannes has been sought after for as long as she remembers. Narrated by her friend Arun, the story unfolds of how this unlucky soul was cursed with getting married to husbands with ultimately fatal flaws…

Time after time, Susanna would allow herself to dream of happiness and peace with her new husband, only to be violently shook by the reality that stands beforehand, leading her to the only escape she has come to know- disposing of the new partner…


  • Priyanka Chopra as Susanna Anna-Marie Johannes
  • Neil Nitin Mukesh as Major Edwin Rodriques
  • Gautam Nima as Lieutenant Mullik
  • John Abraham as Jamshed Singh Rathod / Jimmy Stetson
  • Irrfan Khan as Wasiullah Khan
  • Annu Kapoor as Inspector Keemat Lal
  • Naseeruddin Shah as Dr. Modhusudhon Tarafdar

Directed by:  Vishal Bhardwaj

Rating:  16