1. Saturday Aug 1, 2015
  • 02:30 GMT
  • 05:30 KSA


Bablu (Shah Rukh Khan), an aspiring chef, works in a hotel where Sonia Kapoor,(Juhi) works with him as banquet manager at the restaurant.

  • 06:00 GMT
  • 09:00 KSA


When the harsh reality of everyday life checks in, the tender promises of love soon make place for disappointment for a young couple

  • 08:30 GMT
  • 11:30 KSA

Badmaash Company

After graduating, college friends Karan, Zing and Chandu decide to put their heads together and start an import/export company where they smuggle goods from Bangkok to reap profits by not paying the high Indian import tax. But greed makes them lose sight of things that really matter…

  • 11:00 GMT
  • 14:00 KSA

Main Aurr Mrs Khanna

After a chance meeting at an orphanage Samir is infatuated with Raina and they get married and move to Melbourne. Yet when his business takes a down turn Samir suggests that they go to Singapore, but Raina decides to stay behind and make a solid life for herself…

  • 13:00 GMT
  • 16:00 KSA

Hobb W Nadam

Knowing each other for over 15 years as they live in the US, Zinia and Danish are even closer than they realize. When Danish succumbs to his mother’s pressure to marry his cousin Mahi in Pakistan, Zinia begins to understand the true nature of her feelings for Danish…

  • 16:00 GMT
  • 19:00 KSA

Purani Jeans

Returning from London, Sam has aspirations of becoming a famous singer, thus he prompts his gang who go by the name the Kasauli Cowboys to overcome all odds…

  • 18:30 GMT
  • 21:30 KSA

Style Addict

The definitive guide to the fabulous fashions, flops and faux pas of all the top Bollywood celebrities rolled into one TV show. Hosted by the now-infamous and controversial ‘Style Addict’ Immam Siddique and Shamoly,find out more from top desiners and your cherished stars…

  • 19:00 GMT
  • 22:00 KSA


Son of the legendary revolutionary Pindari warrior, Prithvi Singh, who fought epic battles to resist the British colonial rule of India, Veer, the young Pindari prince, continues his father’s lifelong struggle. Yet one thing he didn’t count on is falling in love with Princess Yashodhara…

  • 22:00 GMT
  • 01:00 KSA

Chal Pichchur Banate Hain

Just at the point when his family and friends thought Suraj had it all- an MBA, a good well-paid job, an offer to work in the UK and a girlfriend that wants to get married- yet Suraj literally walks out on all that to chase his dream of making movies…