• Publication date: July 24, 2012




A secret government agency dubbed the Division assassinates at will. Its assassins are criminals who have been captured, brainwashed, and transformed into professional killers. One of its top killers was Nikita (Maggie Q), who later deflected from the Division after it betrayed her. In the present, she is dedicated to bringing down the organization by any means.

While Nikita's skills are deadly and her ability to avoid defeat nearly flawless, she alone is still no match for the Division's henchmen.  To infiltrate the group, she searches for a mole.  Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) is a drug addicted delinquent who Nikita helps rehabilitate.  Alex attempts to gain the Division's attention by willfully implicating herself in a robbery; from this point forward she becomes Nikita's direct line to her enemy's day-to-day activities.


The leader of the Division is Percy (Xander Berkeley), who admires his former employee's aptitude but simultaneously seeks her annihilation.  Morality is a foreign concept to Percy, who would no doubt kill his own mother if he deemed it necessary.  His sidekick is Michael (Shane West) who unlike his colleagues, joined the group willingly rather than to evade jail time or death.  He is arguably a good guy who joined the organization out of admiration, only to discover its shady operations.  Loyalty, however, keeps him attached to Percy despite a guilty conscience.


Protecting sweatshop owners, harboring war criminals, murdering journalists, and sabotaging aircraft are just some of Percy's evil deeds.  Anyone who should happen to uncover the Division's mischief is guaranteed an early death – unless Nikita discovers the plot first.


The television series is based upon the identically titled French film Nikita, 1993's Point of No Return, and the cable television series La Femme Nikita.  Despite its derivative nature critics have lauded its recent interpretation, and expect long-term success.  As evidence, Nikita was nominated for Favorite New TV Drama at the 2010 People's Choice Awards.



  • Maggie Q
  • Lyndsy Fonseca
  • Shane West
  • Aaron Stanford
  • Melinda Clarke
  • Xander Berkeley


Created By: Craig Silverstein


Rating: TV-14