• Publication date: September 3, 2012

WWE After Burn - S2

WWE AfterBurn

WWE AfterBurn

The second season of this World Wrestling Wonder created by Vince McMahon. Afterburn is the recorded show that airs the highlights, the behind-the-scenes, and even sometimes the behind-the-curtains of what goes down in WWE Smackdown- the live-show featuring stars like Randy Orton, The Great Khali, Mark Henry, Christian, Sheamus, Sin Cara, Wade Barrett and many more.

A new season of this highly successful sports show with its popular cast from WWE Smackdown on MBC Action. This highly dynamic show takes the best of both worlds- as in the best of the live-highlights in Smackdown, as well as the best in production value; with follow-ups to major events, behind-the-scenes, exclusive interviews and most importantly, a glimpse into what is brewing backstage.

Smackdown, to strike down an opponent.. to ensure victory by making sure that an opponent will not get back up again- this is probably what The Rock had in mind when he coined the phrase.

When your wheels are so hot on the asphalt that they leave a trail of flames,or when your engine is  positively on fire- kick back, relax and enjoy an afternoon of after burn for the latest in the world of Smackdown on MBC Action. 



Created by : Vince McMahon



  •          Randy Orton
  •          The Great Khali
  •          Mark Henry
  •          Christian
  •          Sheamus
  •          Sin Cara
  •          Wade Barrett