• Publication date: March 20, 2012

Universal Soldier: The Return

One man battles a supercomputer, 'SETH', that has rebelled against its human creators...

  • Publication date: March 20, 2012

Universal Soldier: The Return

Program data

Duration: 120

Production Year: 1999

MBC Action:

December 5, 2013 00:00 (KSA) ~ December 4, 2013 23:00 (CLT)

In the future, the government has reanimated dead soldiers to spare the lives of living men and women in combat.  They are called UniSols, and are controlled by an artificially intelligent supercomputer named SETH (voicedby Michael Jai White).

When supercomputer, SETH, learns that the UniSol program is under government scrutiny, and that the program will undergo severe budget cuts, it rebels.  SETH attacks anyone it deems a threat, but spares one man: Luc Devereaux (Van Damme), a former UniSol who is now an ordinary human.  Luc's understanding of the computer's mind makes him a viable, although not certain adversary.But will SETH leave him in peace? Or even more importantly, will Luc leave SETH continue with its plans?


  • Jean-Claude Van Damme
  • Michael Jai White
  • Kiana Tom
  • Bill Goldberg


Directed by:  Mic Rodgers

Rating:  R for nonstop strong violence, and for language and nudity.