• Publication date: May 5, 2014

Top Gear USA- Season 4

Season 4 of the most watched motoring TV-Show, revolving around the latest in the world of cars, and trucks.

  • Publication date: May 5, 2014

Top Gear USA- Season 4

Program data

Duration: 60

MBC Action:

Saturday, 03:15 (GMT) ~ 06:15 (KSA)

Top Gear USA, is a based on the hit TV show, Top Gear UK. Adopting almost the same segments, that made the original show the hit it became. Season 4, is back with the same team of host, professional car driver, Tanner Foust, Comedian and actor Adam Ferrara; and last but not least, racing analyst Rutledge Wood. The show includes, car testing, regarding speed performance on the road, and in several terrains. Among the notable destinations in season 4, is Alaska. Where the team will test trucks, in the rugged terrain and harsh weather conditions, around there.

A car show unlike any other, with it’s entertaining often hilarious style, and constant witty Remarque and heated discussions among the host. Not to mention the jaw dropping cars and trucks featured on the show.


  • Adam Ferrara as Host
  • Tanner Foust as Host
  • Rutledge Wood as Host


Created by:  BBC Worldwide

Rating:  NR