• Publication date: March 27, 2014

The Shield- Season 7

Season 7 of The acclaimed Criminal drama, that focuses on an inner city Los Angeles police department and the lives of it’s team

  • Publication date: March 27, 2014

The Shield- Season 7

Program data

Duration: 45

MBC Action:

Tuesday, 10:00 (GMT) ~ 13:00 (KSA)

Monday, 10:00 (GMT) ~ 13:00 (KSA)

Sunday, 10:00 (GMT) ~ 13:00 (KSA)

The Shield one of the most acclaimed Criminal dramas, winner of several Emmy awards, back for it’s 7th season. Season 6 finished on a down note with the death of “Lem”. In Season 7 we are introduced to the team post-trauma as they are still struggling to cope with what happened, each on his terms. Few episodes will still echoes the events of this day. In addition season 7 will introduce some new faces to the force, with new plots, new, mysteries to solve, rules to bend and more bad guys to bag. An adrenaline packed ride, and the reference for quality Crime shows for ages to come.


  • Michael Chiklis as Vic Mackey
  • Walton Goggins as Shane Vendrell
  • Kenneth Johnson as Curtis “Lem” Lemansky
  • David Rees Snell as Ronnie Gardocki
  • CCH Pounder as Claudette Wyms
  • Jay Karnes as Holland “Dutch” Wagenbach

Created by:  Shawn Ryan

Rating:  TV MA