• Publication date: March 16, 2014

Rush- Season 4

The fourth installment of the highly acclaimed Police Drama Rush follows officers of the prestigious Tactical Respond Unit.

  • Publication date: March 16, 2014

Rush- Season 4

Program data

Duration: 45

MBC Action:

Tuesday, 10:00 (GMT) ~ 13:00 (KSA)

Saturday, 10:00 (GMT) ~ 13:00 (KSA)

Monday, 10:00 (GMT) ~ 13:00 (KSA)

Friday, 10:00 (GMT) ~ 13:00 (KSA)

Thursday, 10:00 (GMT) ~ 13:00 (KSA)

Wednesday, 10:00 (GMT) ~ 13:00 (KSA)

Rush is a Police Drama, revolving around the daily lives of the officers in a prestigious Tactical Respond Unit (TR) in Victoria, Australia. Which is a middle Unit between normal police units and the Swat team. The series follows the team as they respond to violent accidents, carjacking, suicides and other armed offences. In Season Four the general structure of episodes changed from two small plots to one large extensive arc that spans the length of season four.

An explosive mix of dramatic moments and high action sequences with the constant mystery threads keep the interest high and the heart Rushing with adrenaline. 



  • Rodger Corser as Lawson Blake
  • Callan Mulvey as Brendan ‘Josh’ Joshua
  • Nicole Da Silva as Stella Dagostino
  • Asheley Zukerman as Michael Sandrelli
  • Samuel Johnson as Leon Broznic
  • Catherine McClements as Kerry Vincent
  • Jolene Anderson as Shannon Henry
  • Josef Ber as Dominic Wales
  • Kevin Hofbauer as Christian Tapu


Created by:  Christopher Lee, John Edwards


Rating:  NR