• Publication date: April 2, 2014

Persons Unknown

Persons Unknown is a riveting Mystery, focusing on a group of strangers who are imprisoned in a small Ghost town.

  • Publication date: April 2, 2014

Persons Unknown

Program data

Duration: 60

MBC Action:

Saturday, 13:00 (GMT) ~ 16:00 (KSA)

Monday, 13:00 (GMT) ~ 16:00 (KSA)

Friday, 12:15 (GMT) ~ 15:15 (KSA)

Wednesday, 13:00 (GMT) ~ 16:00 (KSA)

Sunday, 13:00 (GMT) ~ 16:00 (KSA)

An American Mystery TV-Series, revolving around diverse Strangers who suddenly find themselves imprisoned in an empty ghost town, with no recollection of how they got there, or who the people they are with are! Closed circuit security cameras watching their every step, and preventing them from escaping closely watch them. Faced with immense emotional and physical stress, the group must rely on each others in order to survive this ordeal, not an easy task now that the abductors are spreading doubt among them, trying to turn them on each others. On the other hand, a reporter is investigation the disappearances of the missing people despite some obvious intimidation by those same people who abducted the group.

What is going on? Is this an experiment? a prison sentence?



  • Jason Wiles as Joe Tucker
  • Daisy Betts as Janet Cooper
  • Chadwick Boseman as Graham McNair
  • Lola Glaudini as Kat Damatto
  • Tina Holmes as Moira Doherty
  • Kate Miner as Tori Fairchild
  • Gerald Kyd as Mark Renbe
  • Sean O’Bryan as Bill Blackham
  • Alan Ruck as Charlie Morse


Created by:  Christopher McQuarrie

Rating:  NR