• Publication date: December 1, 2011

Nikita- Season 2

A femme fatale and trained assassin seeks revenge against a rogue organization responsible for countless killings.

  • Publication date: December 1, 2011

Nikita- Season 2

A secret government agency dubbed the Division assassinates at will.  Its assassins are criminals who have been captured, brainwashed, and then transformed into professional killers.  One of its top killers was Nikita (Maggie Q), who later deflected from the Division after it betrayed her.  In the present, she is dedicated to bringing down the organization by any means.

While Nikita's skills are deadly and her ability to avoid defeat nearly flawless, she alone is still no match for the Division's henchmen (and women).  To infiltrate the group, she searches for a mole and finds Alex Udinov (Lyndsy Fonseca), a former drug addict that Nikita helped rehabilitate years earlier.  Udinov initially gains the Division's attention by willfully implicating herself in a robbery, but betrays Nikita by the end of season one.  Currently she is a free agent assassin occasionally contracted by the Division, determined to prove that she is the heiress of a deceased Russian millionaire. 

After attempting to overthrow his superiors in season one, Percy (Xander Berkeley) is jailed and subsequently succeeded by Amanda (Melinda Clarke).  Percy's former sidekick, Michael (Shane West) leaves the organization and joins forces with his longtime lover, Nikita.  Together they seek to expose the Division's conspiracies by locating its black boxes, devices that contain damning evidence against the group.

In season two an international terrorist named Ramon (Simon Kassianides) joins the Division, despite being one of its targets years before.  Meanwhile Nikita's former colleague and friend, Kelly (Katheryn Winnick) escapes from a Turkish prison; Nikita travels to Turkey to help Kelly flee the country, but risks revealing her location to Amanda in the process.  Later, Michael rescues Cassandra (Helena Mattsson), a former fling, and discovers a secret that is both shocking and elating. 

The television series is based upon the identically titled French film Nikita, 1993's Point of No Return, and the cable television series La Femme Nikita.  Despite its derivative nature critics have lauded its recent iteration, and the program has been a success.  As evidence, Nikita recently received a Teen Choice Award and an Emmy nomination.


  • Maggie Q
  • Lyndsy Fonseca
  • Shane West
  • Aaron Stanford
  • Melinda Clarke
  • Xander Berkeley

Created By: Craig Silverstein

Rating: TV-14