• Publication date: October 17, 2012

Nikita- Season 3

Femme fatale Nikita is back. Nikita is back in Division, which is back under US government control. Ryan heads the agency now, while Nikita does what she does best- kick ass and take names on the field. Yet all is not pink and rosy- there's still the question of 'the dirty 30' that need taking care of...

One of the countless teenagers given up on hope, Nikita was on death row waiting to be executed before a secret US agency called Division steps in, fakes her death and proposes giving her a new life and a chance to serve her country.

What Nikita didn't know was that she would be trained to become a spy and assassin. More so, Nikita didn't know that Division had broken away from the government and was now operating for its personal gain- with no qualms about hurting the US in the process.

Throughout her training Nikita kept her humane side before her eyes at all times. And when she discovered that it was Division who murdered her civilian fiancé, Nikita escaped and went rogue. Hiding for 3 years, before returning to seek retribution, and letting Division know that she is out to bring the house down and expose them...

In Season 3 of Nikita: After trying to take out Oversight- the agency controlling Division with the help of Michael, and occasionally Alex; Nikita succeeds in taking out Amanda (the new head of Division) as well as Percy (the old head), and she now runs her own show as Senior Field Agent back in Division. The main task at hand? Taking out the 30 rogue agents who took orders from Amanda- 'the dirty 30'. Ryan is Division's new head, while Alex discovers a vast fortune which changes her life. Yet can Nikita rule out Amanda as harmless, or is she laying low rebuilding her army of ogres? What's the future hold for Michael and Nikita?


  •          Maggie Q
  •          Shane West
  •          Lyndsy Fonseca
  •          Aaron Stanford
  •          Dillon Casey
  •          Melinda Clarke

Developed by:  Craig Silverstein