• Publication date: December 18, 2013


Worried about Boone’s dreams of an underground city called Midian, a sanctuary for strange mutant-like creatures, Lori suggests a doctor. However, Dr. Decker’s words and medication convince Boone that he is a serial murderer- until he wakes from the dead and finds Midian…

Program data

Duration: 120

Production Year: 1990

MBC Action:

December 25, 2013 00:00 (KSA) ~ December 24, 2013 23:00 (CLT)

Boone’s intense dreams of an underground city called Midian, a sanctuary of sorts for strange mutant-like creatures, worry his girlfriend Lori who suggests Boone see a psychotherapist. However, Dr. Decker suggestive words and his ‘Lithium’ medication lead Boone to believe that he is a serial murderer. Yet fate leads Boone to Narcisse, who reveals to him that Midian lies below an Alberta cemetery. Realizing the pull Midian has on him, Boone seeks out the underground refuge and its mystic creatures, yet the police believing he is the serial killer hunt him down and end his life- or so they believe…



  • Craig Sheffer as Aaron Boone
  • David Cronenberg as Dr. Philip Decker
  • Anne Bobby as Lori Winston
  • Hugh Ross as Narcisse
  • Doug Bradley as Dirk Lylesberg
  • Olive Parker as Peloquin
  • Nicholas Vince as Kinski
  • Bob Sessions as Pettine
  • Debora Weston as Sheryl Ann
  • Catherine Chevalier as Rachel
  • Charles Haid as Police Captain Eigerman
  • Malcolm Smith as Ashberry
  • Bernard Henry as Baphomet

Directed by:  Clive Barker

Rating:  R