• Publication date: February 2, 2012

Jesse Stone: No Remorse

A suspended cop succumbs to alcohol while his ex-boss secretly rehabilitates him.

Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 2010

MBC Action:

June 13, 2013 15:30 (KSA) ~ June 13, 2013 14:30 (CLT)

In the sixth installment of the popular series, Jesse Stone (Tom Selleck) is on indefinite suspension from the police force due to an accidental shooting.  With nothing else to do, Stone has fallen into deep depression and alcoholism.  His pal, Commander Healy (Stephen McHattie) discovers Jesse's state, and secretly puts him on a murder case.

The case involves a mob-related murder that occurred outside of a bar.  Mobster Gino Fish and his assistant, Alan (Todd Hofley) claim not to be involved, though further investigation reveals a shocking and unexpected connection between all three men.


  • Tom Selleck
  • Kathy Baker
  • Kohl Sudduth
  • Stephen McHattie
  • Krista Allen
  • William Sadler
  • Mae Whitman
  • Saul Rubinek
  • William Devane