• Publication date: November 29, 2011

The Mentalist Season: 4 It Takes a Thief

A popular psychic is exposed as a fraud after making a disastrous prediction, but a strong intuition makes him a skilled homicide investigator.

  • Publication date: November 29, 2011

The Mentalist Season: 4 It Takes a Thief

(The Mentalist: A Former Psychic Swindler Turned Investigator ) It’s rare for a hustler to transform into a friend of the law, but that is exactly the case for Patrick Jane (Simon Baker), a swindling psychic turned unofficial detective. 


The Mentalist follows in the same vein as many other crime investigation shows, utilizing a prototypical Sherlock Holmes approach to storylines.  Yet, as we have learned from programs like Monk and House, a small variation of a classic formula can result in a product that entertains in an entirely new and unique way.


Before joining crime fighting Patrick Jane was a notoriously famous television psychic, known for his appearances on popular talk and news shows around the globe.  He committed a brutal mistake, however, when he made an off-the-wall assessment of a serial killer dubbed Red John.  Displeased with Jane’s blatantly fake profiling, Red John sought revenge by murdering the psychic’s entire family.


As a result of this devastating loss, Jane vowed to give up his fortune-telling façade, and instead put what are still excellent deductive skills to a positive use.  Using the same tricks learned as a so-called psychic, Jane is hired as a consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation.  Though not considered nor even eligible to be a police officer, Patrick becomes an invaluable member of the bureau’s team, whose humor, intelligence, and demeanor generally earn his coworkers’ admiration.


Jane’s involvement in crime fighting not only provides his income, but also allows him to seek revenge against Red John, often risking his life and freedom in the process.  At the close of season three Patrick murders the individual he believes to be Red John, but without conclusive evidence of the man's guilt, Jane is technically considered a murderer himself.  In the season four premier Patrick remains imprisoned, and is struggling to uncover proof of his victim's guilt.  In parallel, the detective undergoes a psychological transformation: now that his archenemy has been caught, what will drive Patrick to continue his fight against evil?


The Mentalist has received generally favorable reviews from critics, and its ratings also indicate the public’s approval.  On the award circuit the program has garnered a People's Choice Award in addition to an Emmy and Golden Globe nomination.


Showing On: MBC Action


Year: 2011


Duration: 60 minutes


Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller




Simon Baker

Robin Tunney

Tim Kang

Owain Yeoman

Amanda Righetti


Created By: Bruno Heller


Rating: TV-14